Social Skills Training

BLAST is a social skills experiential program in which participants gain experience in articulation and frustration tolerance. We notice that participants who attend BLAST are better able to articulate their feelings, handle frustration, deal with social anxiety and make and maintain friendships. We approach social learning through a neurodivergency-affirmative lens.  Specific goals vary by participant and we work with each family to set appropriate and realistic goals that meet the desires of the participant in consultation with family. We believe that social development is a collaborative process that requires a very active effort on your part.  It is important that each family works on social skills weekly. The BLAST philosophy is based upon Socratic Questioning and in-vivo learning. The general skill areas that are focused upon include friendship/play skills, emotional regulation, communication, and self-regulation. The skill areas have been drawn from several different social skills models.


In addition, BLAST utilizes peer mediated social skills interventions. Program activities are designed to give participants a variety of social experiences in which they will have both successes and challenges. Social skills programs have benefits, risks and consequences.  Since it often requires working on difficult skill areas, participants may at times experience uncomfortable levels of feelings. By addressing these, social skills programs has been shown to be very beneficial in that it can lead to a significant increase in confidence in previously identified problem areas.  It is important to remember, however, that progress can never be guaranteed and it is important for BLAST to maintain open communication with the family about current improvements and challenges. cropped-natalie-pedigo-wjk9etiezhy-unsplash.jpg

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