Fees and Regional Center

2020 rates are as follows for BLAST:

All BLAST programs are charged at a rate of $40/hour. This works out to $60 per participant session and $60 per parent training. Assessments and evaluations are also billed at $40 per hour. Program fees are billed monthly for charges incurred for the previous month.

BLAST is an approved program through the regional center system. We are currently vendored with Lanterman Regional Center, San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center, and East Los Angeles Regional Center. If your child is a client of one of those (or another regional center) please contact Dr. Katie Enney at info@blastprograms.org or 818-583-7134 for information on how to apply for regional center funding.

Lanterman Regional Center

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center

East Los Angeles Regional Center

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