Individual and Family Therapy

Andy Jung, A.M.F.T. (Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #103741) is excited to be able to offer individual and family therapy to clients of all ages. Andy is supervised by Dr. Katie Enney (PSY 28571).

Practicing primarily through a cognitive-behavior and family systems lens, Andy Jung, A.M.F.T. (Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #103741) seeks to equip his clients with a better understanding of themselves and their social worlds by asking critical questions to develop deeper insight so that they are able to become more successful in their school and home environments. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the role social interaction plays in developing skills to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Andy specializes in treating children, adolescents, and adults with autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression and issues related to relationships and life transitions. 

In addition to his work as a therapist, Andy is the Director of Programs for the BLAST organization (a therapy group assisting individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to thrive) where he has been working with children on the autism spectrum and their families for over 10 years, focusing mainly on implementing social skills training programs for children/young adults and conducting psycho-educational training sessions for parents. During the summer, he is the Behavioral Specialist for Tom Sawyer Camps, assisting children who may be exhibiting distress while integrating into a summer day camp environment.  He is also a consultant with the Foothill Autism Alliance, assisting young adults on the autism spectrum find meaningful relationships in their lives.

For additional questions or to schedule an initial consultation with Andy, please contact him directly at

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